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App Troubleshooting

I can't download the app

Check device compatibility. Ensure that your device, your browser, and your operating system meet the minimum requirements. If you are not able to download the app to your device despite meeting the requirements, try using the web app, or contact your App Support.

App Store Access. You need a Google Play or Apple ID/account account and/or must be signed in on your device in order to access the app stores.

The app is not working as expected

  • Are you connected? You need a stable internet connection to access the web app, and to download certain features of a native app.

  • Uninstall and reinstall the app. Delete the app from your device and reinstall it.

  • Remove the content that's not loading and re-add it.

  • Try closing the app and opening it again.

  • Remove Firewalls. Check if your network has any firewalls that could be blocking the web app domain. Whitelisting the Platform

  • Remove Plugins. Check if there are any plugins (e.g. Ad-Blocker) that could be blocking app features.

  • No luck? Report your specific issue. Contact App Support and provide as much detail as possible. Details that will help solve your problem fast include: your device details (model, OS version, storage and memory), and screenshots or videos of the issue.

I need to speak to a person

Help & Support. Each app comes with a Help & Support link that is available on the sign in screen and in the Accounts section of the app.

Access Support through your app account. Select the Help & Support link. This will either reveal a support contact name & email address, or it will redirect you to a website where you can reach out and get app support.

Progressive Web App (PWA) not working

Contact App Support. Ask your app provider or administrator to send you the link. Contact your App Support for assistance.

App not available in my country

Specific countries only. The app you are using may only be available in specific countries.

If you receive the following message: "This item is not available in your country", contact your App Support for assistance.

Whitelisting the Platform

To get a list of the platform domains, contact your app provider support team.

Restricted networks and firewalls. For users in a restricted network, or where firewalls and related security measures have been put in place, platform domains and subdomains need to be whitelisted in order to ensure seamless platform functionality. Please also ensure that all ports are allowed and whitelisting is in place for any ad blockers that are being used.

Web & Sub-domain whitelisting. Whitelist e.g. / * web domain and sub-domains (* wildcard). Ensure that the above domains/sub-domains are also whitelisted on any installed ad blockers.

YouTube whitelisting. If you plan on syndicating or curating YouTube videos you will need to whitelist the YouTube domain. We use YouTube's API and all video is served through the YouTube domain. YouTube does not currently provide an endpoint to physically syndicate a video through a different domain.

Content & Capacity Issues

How big is the app?

The app is approximately 20MB to 30MB in size. This is a once-off download.

If you want to download and save content to your device for offline access, you're looking at under 100MB per Library Item.

How big is the content on the app?

Library Items are limited to 100MB. The average content is 20MB to 30MB.

Saved content takes up more space. The more content you save for offline access, the more space the app will need on your device.

Save content for offline access

Save for offline access. To access content, you need an internet connection. If you want to, you can download the content for offline access.

Note: Content downloaded to your device. If you switch devices, you will need to re-download content for that device.

Remove Library Items from your app

To remove Library Items in the My Library section of your app, select the settings icon (top right) and remove the content you no longer want to see here.

Slow app or video loading time

Storage & capacity issues. If the content, app, or video you are trying to open is taking a long time to load, you may need to check your device storage & capacity. If you are on a low performing device with limited memory (storage and RAM) that can be allocated to run your app, then content will take longer to load.

Other factors that could contribute to video issues include: other apps that are running and using your device capacity, bad device codecs, or memory limits for apps set by the device manufacturer.

Slow loading time. If your connection is slow, loading time may also be slow. On slow connections, the first load may take a long time, but when returning again later on a slow connection, the load time may be faster due to the device cache or the network cache.

Can't download or install content

If app content is not installing or seems to be stuck, please try the following:

  • Close the app completely and re-open it then try installing the content again.

  • Open the app, select the settings icon (top right) to open the library manager, and remove the content you are struggling with. Go to the app dashboard and try installing again.

  • Ensure that your device has not run out of space, causing the install to pause.

My progress is not completed

Check that you have:

Contact your app support to check your logs or force the completion status if needed. I need to speak to a person

Why do I need to update my app?

The app is regularly updated as new features are added and improvements and fixes are made.

You will be prompted to update. When there's a new version, you will receive an email and/or push notification, prompting you to update.

Web/desktop users will automatically see the update, Android users' app will auto-update (if auto-update is enabled), and Apple users will need to follow the download link (or download on the App Store if the app is available there).‌

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