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A Pathway is a journey of digital and physical activities. By completing Pathway activities, you progress towards goals and milestones.

If a Pathway Activity is locked, you may need to complete a task before you can progress. Here is a list of the types of tasks that you may encounter on a Pathway:

  • Digital. Complete various activities such as learning, assessments, articles, and media.

  • Physical. Register your attendance for in-person events.

  • Off-app. Complete external activities that take place off-app on websites or other platforms.

  • On-app. Confirm that you have completed a task by, for example, uploading media.


The Discover section allows you to browse and search content available to you. These may include:

  • Pathways. Learning journey with multiple activities.

  • Stories. Articles, interactive learning, assessments, and surveys.

  • Streams. Curated podcasts, vodcasts, and YouTube videos.

  • Search. Use keywords to search Pathways, Streams, and content listing metadata (title, description, tags).

To access an item select the icon/title to view more information or select the button to open the content . Once you interact with content in the Discover section it will appear in your library.


The Library section contains all content items you have interacted with from either a pathway or the Discover section. This provides quick access to content and allows you to manage content installed on your device. In the Library section, you can:

  • Filter items by type. Streams, Articles, Assessments, Surveys, PDF documents.

  • Remove from device. Selecting the settings icon will allow you to remove content items from the device. Doing so will remove any offline content.


Join a Chat or Forum Discussion. This is an area for you to discuss various topics. Chats and forums may also be added to Pathways with a requirement to view or comment.

  • Forum. The forum section contains posts that users can view, react and comment on.

  • Chat. The chat section contains chat posts where users can post messages, replies, and reactions.


Access your Rewards, Certificates, and Badges that have been awarded to you. Awards may be given when interacting with content, an activity, or a Pathway.

  • Rewards. You can redeem a reward by going to the reward outlet and having the QR code scanned.

  • Certificates. Your digital certificates can be accessed and downloaded and can be linked back to the platform for verification.

  • Badges. Receive digital badges with rarity ratings to affirm your efforts.

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